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    Bubba's Autoflower Tent '18

    Just a little update in the girls . I can't even lie, I've been using IG for a grow journal @tent.grower Girls are doing great, outgrew the tent pretty fast. These are two of the girls, more pics to come!
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    Bubba's Autoflower Tent '18

    LED light broke a week or two ago. Still researching the best route for LEDs & COBs. They are still going though, I need to transplant into these grow bags asap.
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    Stealth fridge grow

    They are looking lovely! I'm looking into another LED light for my 2.5x2.5x6 tent, have you tried any of their bigger LEDs?
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    Bubba's Autoflower Tent '18

    Put 5 into Solo cups finally and move the LED to 22in above them. I'm not sure what's going on with 2 of these 5 in this cluster. Bad genetics maybe? Insight please.
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    Bubba's Autoflower Tent '18

    Today chillin outside with Dad lol.
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    Bubba's Autoflower Tent '18

    Thank you!! I should have my next round of autos here this week coming up, just a quick run of the NLxBB autos to dial in the tent. Cheap and forgiving girls.
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    Hey gang!

    Welcome back!!! I see a few of us are coming back around as of lately lol. it's that time of year again. happy grows!
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    Bhc: Bong-hitters Club

    It was cold here this morning, 34F. It's warmed up now and next few days are 70s! Happy afternoon tokes!
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    Bubba's Autoflower Tent '18

    Here are a few babies that are getting a day (1) pic (:. So far so good with the LED @ 4ft.
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    Bubba's Autoflower Tent '18

    Awesome, it should be okay then.. they are kind of my play and learn as you go with seeds for my first LED go around. I might add one more 1200w to the mix towards the end yet but that's still some months away lol.
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    i am a grow addict green crack/satori/hickstick-gorilla glue fiasco in the making

    Looking great this far, green mojo your way for some nice buds in the end.
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    2018 herb

    Looking mighty delicious. ����
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    Fired up the growroom, I'm back!

    This is going to be one to keep an eye on, can't wait to see them take off.
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    Bubba's Autoflower Tent '18

    While we are waiting for more seeds to come in, let's go ahead and veg this year's OD crop. I had them out in groups on the table, my wife decided to scoop them up not realizing to keep them with their tags, so we will have to strain sort later this year. We have some afghan haze33, Aroma...
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    First Journal

    Lookin good, green mojo for sure your way! Can't wait to see these girls in a few months