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    The Bear Truth

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    2 Fish Tales

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    leaves keep dying!

    EDIT Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone, deal?
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    leaves keep dying!

    (edit) you don't care...seems to be your problem Please don't push this ganja..
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    dumb question

    I may get banned for saying this, but I don't know anything Ellensberg. It's not so much temp's that matter, it's days of sunshine. Like I said before, Seattle doesn'tg get enough sunshine to grow pot outdoors. To grow good, marijuana needs 3--5 hrs. of direct sushine/dayAn occasional cloudy...
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    Take a look at my buddy...

    There really is no "average". If you're talking same strain, same growing conditions yeah, otherwise... And you can't really go by appearance. Some buds may look identical but one can weigh a lot more than the other. From the pics it looks like what you have will be very stoney.
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    leaves keep dying!

    15-30-15 is for flowering. , but all miracle grow products are crap.
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    1st day 1st time

    And for ventilation?
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    leaves keep dying!

    We need a lot more info than that to help you. Let's start with media/container (what kind) and light (how much of what kind).
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    dumb question

    Marijuana seeds thrown on a lawn or backyard will commonly sprout and can grow fine by themselves. That's because the soil is condusive to growing things. Good soil, usually adequate nutrients, regular watering, etc. Out in the "wilds" however it is a totally different story. Hemp grows fine...
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    A question about cloning

    1. I have never "leached" soil or medium prior to cloning. 2. I don't know anything about American Wisteria. Isn't it a vine? 3. A rooting compound speeds up rooting and means a higher success rate.
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    drying on paper bags???

    Why don't you give it up? It was kind of amusing to read your blathering insult-ridden tirade then see you post that you don't insult me. I had no idea how little you know about weed. Let's take this: "I didn't figure you knew the difference. Drying is actually rapid drying. Curing is...
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    There can be only one!

    You're much better off with HPS, especially with an enhanced-spectrum bulb like the son agro. If adequate ventilation is provided, I believe HPS preforms just as good as MH during veg and definately better during flowering. If you have one light, make it a HPS.
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    Take a look at my buddy...

    Looks right on schedule to me :D . Great job by the way.