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    Adding Terpenes Back Into Decarb'd Pot For Edibles

    A bunch of Terp Infused weed in Ky from out west. To me, like Herbwatcher said. Tastes Fake, and no way Im smoking it. Many here in Ky, are also getting tired of it. Most of it is also just Mid Grade, and people out west trying to terp it up, to sell better.
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    opinions of double ended lights

    They do make air cooled DE Reflectors. They also make remote DE Ballasts. Another thing to consider is you have to have 36-40 inches from the very top of the canopy, or it WILL FRY THEM. DE HID has super intense Infrared, and you also need either really really really good air flow, or CO2, or...
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    Few questions for 4x4

    In a 4 x 4 if you can cool it Id use a 1000w Hortilux HPS. The 1000w Hortilux was specifically made for a 4 x 4 area decades ago, and is the industry standard for a single ended grow bulb. The Hortilux also has the highest umol at 1600umol I also start seedlings under 1000w Hortilux at a...
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    Reputable online seed buying

    These Seed Banks-SELLERS..... ARE IN the USA. And yes, I HAVE used every one of them, multiple times. JamesBeanCompany AKBeanBrains All kinds of old school genetics, and hybrids. Killer stuff. Dont miss out. NL5 x Haze... Original Sensi Stock Consumption NL5 Anything with TK/NL5/Haze Sk1 x...
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    Your thoughts on alcohol?

    I quit drinking in 1978, and dont miss it a bit. Cant stand it. I could shoot 10 beers in 9 minutes when I was 15, and not get sick. Never cared for the taste, and only drank to get trashed.
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    Roots showing

    Its also a "MYTH" that Nitrogen should be cut back during flowering. All Nitrogen is to a Plant is Protein. Humans eat Protein, and turn it into Nitrogen. During flowering the plant grows more than at any other time. IN realty, they use more of everything during flowering. Try telling a...
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    what kind of led grow lights are you using now?

    The Phillips, which wont be out until 2020 is even more powerful. 645w at the wall, and 1800 umol, but they aren't going to sell them to individuals. They told me 40 at a time, and $32,000
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    what kind of led grow lights are you using now?

    Gavita 1700e..635w at the wall... 1700 umol
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    I wonder if burnin1 ever got things sorted out...... Strainly is an unrivaled way to get certain genetics. The Chem91 Sk Va cut we got is doing really well, as well as a Dominion Local Skunk clone I bought 5 months ago. No pests, and no problems with the plants adjusting to the new...
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    Lights for 5x5 coverage

    Yeah Im more in line with 4 x 4 because its only 100 more umol vs the Hortilux HPS, which I consider to be the standard of which all other single ended HID are compared, and its geared for 4 x 4. Consider this, which I fell is misleading. The best Spyder Farmer light I could find, that says...
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    Lights for 5x5 coverage

    Gavita 1700e will just about cover a 5 x 5. Its not cheap though. 1700 umol. Gavita is around 635w actual draw. 1000w Hortilux HPS is 1600 umol 1150w Gavita DE is 2100 umol.
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    Buying seeds online

    Theres several great places to seeds inside US, that will ship to an unfriendly state. I myself, am in 1 of the worst, and have been buying seeds online, since they became available, and before that when they first became available in the early-mid 80s. #1 things is they cannot, and will not do...
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    US House passes bill giving pot businesses access to banking

    I live near where the aluminum plant is going to be built. 5 miles away. Moscow Mitch sold us out. He dropped the sanctions on the Russians so this scumbag can infiltrate Ky politics. Its well known that generally new plants like this ARE a good thing for the local economy. BUT, it also...
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    LED or HID?

    Umol is whats important. As it is, the most powerful LED I know of is the Phillips 635w Green Power Toplight Compact. At 635w it produces 1850 Umol. Beating the 1000w Eye Hortilux HPS. Its 1600 Umol. Only bad thing about the Green Power is that they wont sell less than 40 at a time. The next...
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    Plants showing sex while in veg

    Many times people flip their plants before they are fully mature/Adult. When the branches are no longer straight across from each other. They become Staggered. Most all plants Ive see will express their sex under 24 hours of light after a certain amount of time. Which is strain dependent. Some...