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    :)cant decide between b52 an citra any ideas oh im indoors:)
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    70 watt HPS for single plant?

    yo how far you keeping your 70w hps above those four i was going to do 3 under a 70 nw hps surrounded by ge grolxs
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    My nirvana skunk#1

    Wondering if anyone has grwn b52 or ak48 cant make up mind on what to order and any recomendations on soil brand and nutrients that can be obtained through wlmrt or local store i dont live in a large town have had success :)(good smoke good buzzzzz):)in past two tries but yield should have been...
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    The Fruits of My Labor (harvest)

    great job mang
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    how good does vinegar clean out thc

    i was wondering how well does vinegar clean your system? i have a drug test in 2 weeks and i was told that vinegar cleans it real well so i am drinking a jar of pickle juice a day to clean me out. any information would be greatly appreciated. (and on the day of the test i will also be using the...
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    Check out this cannibi lab

    this gave me some ideas
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    Check out this cannibi lab

    This house in Tennessee was raided by Feds and what they found was quite shocking.
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    grow room

    ok, thanks ganjaguru, you have been a great help, and when i take pics of the grow room i am going to post them. p.s. lol did you figure out my tab ganjaguru?
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    moldy mj

    ok, thanks for the info everybody
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    8th of weed

    an 8th is 3.5 grams but around here they get weighed at 4 grams, for swag it runs about 20-25$ for good green it goes for 45-100$ depending on the quality, breed, etc.
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    grow room

    the grow room is nearly done, but i have a couple more questions 1. is a full spectrum light like a dual spectrum light, if not what is the difference. 2. how many lumens of light does each plant need (i got the wattage figured out, just not the lumens) and i would also like to thank...
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    grow room

    ok, with my math for 3000 watts at 0.08223/kwh it comes to 177.62/month, does that sound about right?
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    moldy mj

    how dry do i want them? crispy dry?
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    where can i buy a home drug test

    go to your local drug store and say that you suspect your son, live in nephew or someone that don't even exist of smoking and you want to get a test to find out.
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    Easy Brownies

    how big of a pan of brownies does that make and how big of pieces is a serving that gets you high?