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    Found in alley

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    something important to ask

    LMAO all you gotta remember is I think there for i am. As along as you can think you exist:hubba: :hubba:
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    Rollin' Rollin' Swisha Sweets...

    It wasnt the biggest but it was my favorite. It was a cuban (A real one) full of purps. Damn that was bomb!!!
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    something important to ask

    Ok I havent been here in awhile but I came here and read this post and just had to reply. You say there has never been a time when a theory has been proven wrong but heres a pretty simple one. The universe never has a end to it.I accept this theory and Im pretty sure alot of people do to.Im...
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    Overwatering with rocks

    I also have a similar setup but I water for a 1 hour, then turn the pump off for two hours. Also What nutrients are you using, and how far away is your light? P.S. Its not good to leave drops of water on your plants. I read some where the water magnifies the light and burns your plants.
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    how much is it even worth?

    I had hash couple of weeks ago and I got it for $25 a gram. It made me stupid i was so high
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    Resin same as hash?

    he couldnt of said it any better
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    which one should i get

    thanks guys. I made up my mind and going for the last one the MH and HPS so I can use it for veg and flower.
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    Resin packed bowl vs. pinch of Hash

    Im going for hash here to.
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    which one should i get

    Hey I cant spend more the 200 on a light I would like to get a 400w hps and these are the ones i found wich one is the best??
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    fruity pebbles anyone?

    i had it a couple of times and the person i got it from called it great grand daddy prups
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    How old were you when you first smoked mj?

    um the first time I smoked I was 12 and it was with my cousin and brother
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    Hot climate outdoor grow journal. seeded 28th June

    I couldnt find my camra right now so I1ll post pictures later. But that guide you gave me the link to is great, and my plant looks and sounds like it as phosphorus problem but not 100% sure.
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    Hot climate outdoor grow journal. seeded 28th June

    Not right now but I will take some tomorrow. Also alot of leaves are dying on so Im thinking there might be a nute problem or something.:confused::confused:
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    Hot climate outdoor grow journal. seeded 28th June

    It gets direct sun light from 1 to 8 so about 7 hours or so.