indoor grow tent

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  1. 30150E3B-3A19-4C88-942C-83F7C211C74E.jpeg


    July 8 2022
  2. First transplant

    First transplant

    First transplant stage from seed, to solo cup, to 7” plastic pot All 11 seeds sprouted June 14 2022 Pic taken July 6 2022
  3. “Pottricia”


    Sprouted June 14th Pic taken July 6th

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    Best Grow Tent Oscillating Fan

    Oscillating Fans Take Care of These Issues Control the Grow Tent’s Temperature and Humidity Some crops like pot plants & mushrooms will do well under a certain level of temperature and humidity. The same applies when you do mushroom & plant growing under in a tent. The ventilation the fan will...