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Sep 3, 2021
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Oscillating Fans Take Care of These Issues
Control the Grow Tent’s Temperature and Humidity
Some crops like pot plants & mushrooms will do well under a certain level of temperature and humidity. The same applies when you do mushroom & plant growing under in a tent.
The ventilation the fan will provide in the grow tent is vital in keeping the temperature and the humidity at desirable levels.

Even Air Circulation
The regular flow of active air throughout the grow tent is essential for the best results. You are interested in getting maximum returns from your grow tent fans.
Crops will take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day and do the opposite at night.
An oscillating fan & adjustable tilt will help move these active air gases around the grow tents to obtain an even distribution of these gases.
This helps you achieve maximum growth potential in a small area with the right product used.
ECO Farm 6 Inch Oscillating Clip Fan with 3 - Speed Control

SPECIALIZED DESIGN: Great fan is specifically made to be connected to the poles in the tent so they don’t slide down the pole
CIRCULATES FRESH AIR: Triple spiral fan blades are angled to deliver efficient airflow with high and low settings to keep you and your plants cool and comfortable
QUIET, SECURE UNIT: Sturdy, lightweight mesh exterior protects the fan blades and the fan’s surroundings from damage. High quality components keep this fan running whisper soft
FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Fan is simply adjusted by shake rod to direct air flow exactly where you need it. This oscillating fan has exceptional 90-degree horizontal range and 120-degree vertical range
VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Sturdy, compact fan is ideal for circulating air in grow tents for even temperatures and improved ventilation

ECO Farm 6 Inch Clip Oscillating Fan Fit for Grow Tent with 3-Speed Control

The 6 inch ECO Farm Classic Clip Fan is portable comfort that easily mounts wherever it's needed to provide quality air flow with reliable performance, ideal for homes, greenhouses, garages, gyms, and workshops and more.
The versatile mounting position puts the fan wherever it’s needed, fan features an adjustable tilt mechanism that changes the fan’s positioning and direction.
The quiet, powerful motor allows you to adjust for optimal airflow and comfort in three choice of modes.
Features a durable fan grill and strong steel neck support, mounting bracket and power cord included.
The UL listing indicates that the product meets the industry's nationally recognized standards for safety.

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