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If it isn’t broke don’t fix it
Apr 10, 2023
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North West Florida
Starting a grow journal for general updates on my grow tents.

I will be Using a 3x3 tent for flower.
I have a 2x2 tent of for veg
150 watt grow light for 3x3
60 watt grow light for 3x3
60 watt for veg 2x2 tent
4 inch fan with carbon filter
6 inch fan mounted on tent rail
Will hopefully be updating some gear in my tent in the next couple months
Contemplating the setup with the controller for the lights fans dehumidifier etc

Soil I will be using for now is fox farms happy frog
Silica boost for the seedlings early veg
Down to Earth rose and flower 4-8-4 organic nutrients
Down to Earth bat Guano 7-3-1
I just mix in nutes with soil before adding seedling or when transplanting
Tea made from the bat guano or rose and flower if needed

2 gallon fabric post for the autos mostly
3 gallon fabric pots for bigger plants
Smaller plastic pots for seedlings and sexing plants before transplant
No training just a water and go grow. One of bigs blueberry and she is trying to out grow my tent. Flipped to 12/12 and if she stretches a lot I may move her outdoors.

C99 from carty looks ok. I severally dehydrated this plant when I had Covid. I trimmed a ton of crispy half dead leaves off of her. Maybe she will do something.

Sugarbelts F2 I have ten seedlings up that are a little over a week old. Watching two that looks stunted but it could be a little hot fo Mr them as they went straight into happy frog soil. Hoping for four females to move up to the flower tent.

Northern light seed I found in my bud came up and is over a week old and looks well.


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Few days later and look at that growth.
Sugar belts are growing vigorously I need to get some labels made to keep up with them or a paint marker on the pot would do the trick.

Blueberry from bigsur51 is two weeks in flower and growing several inches towards the light a day. I watered them last night and it was 8 inches from my light and today it is 4. So I readjusted all my lights and rigged the cables so I could adjust higher. Rigged my 2 ft net in to tame the beast.

C99 has some growth after I culled 50 percent of the leaves etc after I almost killed her. I have noticed a stretch and nice new growth so maybe she will do ok 🤞


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Sugar belts have looked rough the last few days.
I have them in fox farms soil they have had a small dose of silica and cal mag.
It looks like the older growth fan leaves have small brown spots forming like a cal mag deficiency?
Water every few days(A nice wet dry cycle) soil may have dried out a little to much as I have watered them sparingly with them being small. Last night they got watered with a small dose of cal mag and I wet them down thoroughly. I’m hoping they just dried out but the signs do not indicate that. Thanks in advance


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