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  1. PhlizonGrowLight

    Phlizon Weekly Showcase FD4500 450W!

    Phlizon Weekly Showcase FD4500 450W! Efficacy: up to 2.9 µmol/J Input Voltage: 100-277V Actual Power Consumption: 450W±3% Lifetime: 50 000 Hrs Built-in Driver: UL Listed Waterproof Driver Weight: 22.05Lbs Dimensions: 36" x 26" x 3" Spectrum: Full Spectrum Daisy Chain Dimmable...
  2. PhlizonGrowLight

    Phlizon Flash Sale US$30 OFF PH-B8-D 640W!

    Phlizon Flash Sale US$30 OFF PH-B8-D 640W! PPE: 2.8 µmol/J Coverage: Flower Coverage: 4′X4′, Veg Coverage: 5′X5′ Dimensions: 39.4" x 39.4" x 3.9" Grow Tent Compatible: 5’X5′ Input Voltage: 100-277V Actual Power Consumption: 640W±3% Driver: UL Listed Driver Daisy Chain Dimmable...

    VIVOSUN Black Friday LIVE Chat with Migro

    We’re having a live chat with @migrolight ! Join VIVOSUN and Migro for a talk about growing, using VIVOSUN products, and learning a little bit more about both of us! It will be a fun way to celebrate Black Highday So grab some leftovers, break out the pie, lean back and relax and join us for a...

    VIVOSUN Black Friday Sale: Get Up to 50% Off

    Get Up to 50% Off Discount!!! Time: Nov 21-27 Shop now: VIVOSUN: Deals
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    July 8 2022

    Happy 4th! Get Limited 15% Off Now!

    Happy 4th! We’ve prepared a 24-hour sale - 15% off with the code “GROWFREE15” on VIVOSUN. Perfect time to pick up all the equipment that your grow space is missing. It’s not often we’re able to offer such a good deal, so come to get it while it lasts, just on July 4th! And we wish you the very...


    A new contender approaches! The Iongrid S-Series 2x2 grow light is finally here and available for purchase. Grab yours before they're all gone! Larger sizes like the 3x3 will be available at a future date. Click the link on our bio to visit our website for more information!
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    What size LED grow light for a 4x4 Grow Tent?

    ECO Farm ECOM Bluspec 650W LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301B and OSRAM Chip All Highest-Quality, High-Efficiency Samsung, Osram LEDs Every top-bin LED is selected from the industry leader for its particular wavelength, including Samsung, Osram, etc. Nanomaterial primary coating ensures...
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    How Does Infrared Light Affect Plants?

    Better Blooming This is cannabis in bloom in an indoor grow. Researchers and horticulturists have found that infrared light helps plants bloom. This is due to a type of photoreceptor that plants contain called phytochromes. Phytochromes help regulate processes that are critical to plant...
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    ECO Farm ECOZ 700W Samsung 301H Chips LED Grow Light With Separately UV+IR Control

    Adjustable Full spectrum Adjustable Spectrum basing on three Independent Dimmable Channels with RJ11 daisy chain option for massive grow operation via a controller.Using Top-bin Samsung LM301H LEDs and Osram ssl80 (incl. White Blend 3000k & 5000k, 660nm red, 730nm IR and 395nm UV). Balanced...
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    ECO Farm SP-800 840W Samsung Foldable Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow LED Bar Light

    SP-800 grow light use 2176 pcs high efficient Samsung LM281B LEDs,boast the market-leading efficiency to 2.8 µmol/J and 2.5g yield per wattage with 30% higher Average PPFD, the actual power is 840 watt, it can cover 7x7ft growing area in Veg stage and 6x6ft for flower stage; Item: SP-800...