How Does Infrared Light Affect Plants?

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Sep 3, 2021
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Better Blooming
This is cannabis in bloom in an indoor grow. Researchers and horticulturists have found that infrared light helps plants bloom. This is due to a type of photoreceptor that plants contain called phytochromes. Phytochromes help regulate processes that are critical to plant development, such as leaf expansion, stem growth, and blooming- and IR light is what helps stimulate that growth.
A plant’s phytochromes spend all day receiving light, and its structure changes depending on how much light it receives. This gives plants the ability to know what the current season is and the time of day that will help regulate its growth.
Growers can use infrared light to “manipulate” your plant's senses, thus altering the plants’ growth process. Phytochromes react strongly to infrared light, so exposure to this light will make a plant think that it is experiencing the same amount of light that it would if it was growing outside during any given season.
IR light is a big reason why you don't have to wait for the summer to grow plants, nor the winter to harvest them. They get the IR they need to grow from your lights, not what's seasonally available by the sun.

Increased Plant Growth
This is cannabis being cultivated in an indoor grow room. Another benefit of exposing your plants to infrared light is increased plant growth. Because plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, they have automatic defense processes that kick in when their exposure to sunlight is threatened by other plants. Rather than risk receiving insufficient sunlight, the plants stretch and grow toward the light to rise above any plants that might otherwise receive all of the sunlight.
When plants are covered by other plants, they can lose direct sunlight exposure, and they tend to receive light through the taller plants’ leaves. This results in your plants taking in high levels of infrared light, which triggers the plants’ survival mechanism, subsequent stretching, and growth.
When combined with other forms of light that aid in branching- like all blue LED grow lights- and producing a desirable plant shape, IR light helps aid in rapid plant growth.

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