The Best LED Grow Lights for Commercial Growers

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Sep 3, 2021
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ECO Farm MB4 880W Commercial LED Grow Light With UV+IR Spectrum and Screen Timer Function

ECO Farm MB4 is one of the most advanced multi-bar LED grow light for indoor plants. It is the first grow light that offers the possibility to pretend sunrise and sunset without a controller.
  • High efficacy Samsung & Osram diodes,With an input power of 880W, the PPF could up to 2200umol/s and high-efficacy 2.8 μmol/J, 50000hrs of a lifetime, that help you effectively optimize plant growth, increase the yield and save money.
  • Embedded dampers make the installation much easier, and allow the light to hold still at any angle.
  • Full-spectrum with 2 easy detachable UV&IR LED light bars, you can expect to have 4 tunable spectrum optional:V1, V1+UV&IR, F1, and F1+UV&IR. V1 spectrum offers a balanced blue and red wavelength essential for the vegetative stage. F1 offers an appropriate amount of deep red which, stimulates extra photosynthesis for the blooming. When your plants approach the flowering stage, adding a few UV or IR LEDs would be very effective at promoting robust stem growth, proper node spacing, and more flowers.The all-in-one grow light will cover each individual cultivator’s needs.
  • MB4 Master Build-in LCD digital screen controller with powerful function. Dimming knob from 30%-100% allows you to customize lighting level depending on the plant’s growth stage. Timer knob setting with 6hrs/12hrs/14hrs/16hrs/18hrs which means you can set the light-on time in 24hrs, and it will repeat automatically.
  • For MB4 Station, everything is exactly the same except that spectrum MB4 Master doesn't have an LCD display. The fixture can not be used separately, it has to go with MB4 Master.
  • The commercial growers can sync 50 pieces of MB4 Station with one MB4 Master and control them simultaneously. In other words, the 50 pcs of MB4 Station act as workstations and MB4 Master as a master. The growers only need to control the master to make the stations work together. No matter which spectrum, lighting level, or any light cycle set on MB4 Master, the MB4 Station lights can complete the same work.





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