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    Automatic Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine

    ECO Farm 3 Speed 18 Inch Automatic Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine ECO Farm stainless steel construct trimmer is equipped with Electric 3 speed Direct Drive motor, sharp Stainless Triple cutting blades. Save time and more Precious Cut. Easy fold out design for convenient transport or storage Quickly...
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    ECO Farm Rosin Press Machine- KP1 Double Heating Plate]-Dual heating insulated solid aluminum plates, temperature controls located at the front of the press, and a convenient carrying handle. [High Pressure]-With Adjustable Maximum Pressure/Pressing Force Up To 4 tons, easy for Extracting pure...
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    What size LED grow light for a 4x4 Grow Tent?

    ECO Farm ECOM Bluspec 650W LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301B and OSRAM Chip All Highest-Quality, High-Efficiency Samsung, Osram LEDs Every top-bin LED is selected from the industry leader for its particular wavelength, including Samsung, Osram, etc. Nanomaterial primary coating ensures...
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    How Does Infrared Light Affect Plants?

    Better Blooming This is cannabis in bloom in an indoor grow. Researchers and horticulturists have found that infrared light helps plants bloom. This is due to a type of photoreceptor that plants contain called phytochromes. Phytochromes help regulate processes that are critical to plant...
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    Best Bud Trimmer Machines

    While a product tended to by hand can add romanticism to an experience, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a practical method. One useful tool that you can find as a grower will eliminate hours upon hours of hard work: the bud trimmer. Instead of carefully cut by hand to get each individual...
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    affordable rosin press 2021

    ECO Farm Red Manual Portable Heat Rosin Press - CH2034 Only weight 13 lbs.Perfect for personal desktop operating or pressing and moving around.Accurate LCD Controller, temperature controls located at the back of the press, and a convenient carrying handle. 1.2-inch thick solid aluminum made...