ECO Farm GL 800W Samsung 281B PRO Chips LED Grow Light With Separately UV+IR Control

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Sep 3, 2021
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  • ECO Farm GL series LED grow light, providing more energy while consuming less electricity. Balanced and stable light distribution and high-efficiency light output bring the amazing output of 2.7g/w, creating a more ideal light level for professional growers.
  • ECO Farm GL series light with Samsung LM281B+ Pro; 640W has 2808 LEDs,800W has 3744 LEDs,1000W has 4680 LEDs; Which can achieve as high as 2.9 umol/J of energy efficiency, so that it provides the powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to achieve high yield. The full-spectrum grow light from 3000K+5000k+660nm+ir 730nm+UV 395nm is infinitely close to sunlight, providing a complete natural spectrum, speeding up the growth and flowering time of plants, achieving higher yield, and being suitable for the growth of plants at all stages.
  • Three Channel dimming: Channel 1: 3000K+5000K; Channel 2: 660NM+730NM; Channel 3: 395NM

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