1800watts HPS vs 12,000BTU Mini-split

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Feb 5, 2009
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And the winner is...

Pulled the trigger on the mini-split, let it sit out there on the patio and intimidate me for a week or two, sucked it up and got busy. Pumped it down finally this weekend. Test run yesterday--went from 82 degrees to 76 degrees in like 10 to 12 minutes. Still 76 this morning--woo-hoo (or yee-haw if you're of the Southern persuasion). That's the coolest the room's been since I hung the first (2) 600's a couple of years back. Damn the degrees, full lumens ahead, babies.

Much thanks to NC and NCH for the heads-up and for the advice on purchase and hook-up.
Congrats Pencil! Glad you got it hooked up and working! Nothing but Chronic from now on!
Update: 92 outside; 75.4 in the room. Wish there was enough room to get in there and dance around like Pee-Wee Herman. Smiling over here.
Awesome dude......I wish I had the coin to follow suit. I hate having to shutdown for the summer. Congrats.
i got a question..

first.. I run a 1000w HPS and will be buying another one soon. it is in a raptor 8" Air cooled Hood.. rite now i have a fan pulling outside air thru the hood and back outside.. And i have a 18k BTU window AC unit to cool the room..

Now for the question.. if i removed the glass and air cooling of the hoods.. will it work my AC to death trying to keep up? How much heat does a 1k Watt HPS put off? how many more lumens are we talkn without the glass?
Unless I was running lites vertically, I don't think I'd take the glass out. Room size has a lot to do with how hot another bulb makes it--I hit a break point when I went to (3) 600's from (2) 600's, and my temps would shoot up outrageously (high 80's at times). Lemme add--I live in the deep dark South and it do get hot and sticky here. Sorry, don't know about the lumens thing.

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