1937 Marihuana Tax Act

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Jan 18, 2011
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I am hoping someone with a law background will step in and explain to me why no one trying to get cannabis legalized ever talks about this? Everyone is trying to get new legislation passed to legalize cannabis in the US, but we dont NEED to do that. All the government has to do is start producing the stamps they said you need to have starting in 1937 to have, smoke, cultivate, or sell cannabis, BUT THEY NEVER MADE. Thats how cannabis became illegal in the US. The government never made cannabis illegal, they made cannabis illegal WITHOUT A STAMP. why dont politicians and people at NORML just try and get the government to rewrite the legislation from 1937 instead of coming up with new whole laws? Thanks

That law wasnt made to actually be used. Tbey made it to NEVER hand out a stamp.

You should watch the Woody Harrelson Narrated movie "GRASS"
awesome, and explains it all.
Ive seen links for that video on the net. Ill take the time to watch it. Thanks mate!

definately a keeper. buy the DVD or torrent it. youll watch it a few times and youll show it to your friends

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