2 question ?

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Apr 8, 2005
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Hi everyone i'm new in this forum but let say I know a thing or 2 on plants.
But i still have some question for the ones that knows.

First: i'm starting to grow 5 mothers from my best plants to make clones.
my question is, How do i have to grow and feed my mothers and for how much time? Those 5 are for cloning only. And how much clone 1 plant gives.

my other quesiton is: when i cut branches from my mother to make a clone where do i have to make te cut on the plant itself and do i have to make a other one before putting my hormone ?

i would really need awnser to my questions please :D

thank you everyones
Hi. I`m going to let the clone man answer this one. :)

What strains do you have? Thanks.
Goldie: i have m39 from Quebec (canada) and some Freezland.

i'm growing in dirt outdoor but the mothers use for clonig are indoor but in dirt
lol sorry for my english guys im french :D im in the capital of buds and crops ! in Quebec
I have heard that M39 is some good weed.

Go to the lounge & do an intro, then pull up a chair! Our resident supergrower is from Canada also. :)
How to take a clone:
1. Cut off the top 6 inches.
2. Trim the lower leaves of the cutting off leaving two nodes remaining.
3. Stick cutting into a small cup of very wet soil past where you cut off the leaves.
4. Put half of a two liter or ziplock baggie over the clone.
Now you just water when there is no more condensation on the baggie/two liter bottle. You mentioned rooting hormone. I rarely use the stuff, but if you plan on using it, just apply it to the bottom of the cutting before sticking it in the dirt.

Now wait a couple of weeks and you'll have a lot more places to take cuttings from. I have seen people take 30-40 clones off one plant so 5 mothers might be a bit much unless you are planning a larger grow.

How big of a light do you have? tell me more about your garden equipment!!!
at what stage i can start to cut branch on my mothers? i have a 800 whatts light and 4 neons. I need about 750 babies :cool: but dont tell anyone lol I want to make enough babies and buy the rest and my crop is going to be in the woods. but really i'm a NewB when it come to cloning. I have fertalizer and hormones. Can you explain me in details how to do it because i want to be in tiome for this summer please ;)
How tall are they now? You'll have to judge by how they look. If it looks like there is enough to take a six inch clone then do it...just make sure you leave some on it so it continues to grow...it's really hard for me to judge with out a picture...
Where do you intend to plant those 750? You`ll need a whole forest...;)

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