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May 18, 2015
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Hello, this will be my journal. I will grow: 2x unknow seed I got them from www.original-ssc.com/. Seeds shown up March 27th. At May second week plants been transplanted to local spot outside. Soil is mixed with vermicomposts, compost, perlite and weak phosphorus fertilizers for engraftment. I look forward to check on them, because I hadn’t chance before.

Have you spotted difference of their size? Although both had to grow on same condition. I had some problems with too small pots, so down leafs sizes turn a little bit white.
3x auto dwarf (from www.original-ssc.com) seated into green house, soil – vermicomposts, vitaplant for greenhouse, perlite.
One male been terminated.
One female began flowering at 2014-05-28.

2014-06-12 – two weeks of flowering

There is still one that remains as unknown, two and half delaying
Two week of delay:

5x Easy Sativa x LLR#2 ( from www.Original-ssc.com/)
Good news everyone. Auto dwarf monster is really a monster o_O !

Other laidie

And how I promised, 5x LLR#2 x Easy Sativa (from Original-ssc). I tracked that they are three, maybe little bit less, weeks old. This one has been accidentally smashed by a window, but fixed with a sticky tape and per two week recovered and now it is second biggest plant . Sticky tape – best gardener friend xD!

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May 21, 2015
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i don't know if this is practical or not, a good idea or not either,
one thing i saw on one of the youtube vids was some folks
place some kind of mesh that helps keep critters from digging
under, my first will be outside also, so i'm trying to learn what i
can to stay organic, as little impact on the environment etc.

if you get a chance a book i'm enjoying now and love the way
he writes is Jorge Cervantes's Grow Bible
lots of pictures (i like pictures) ;)
and also, lots of contributors

my situation and i've already made the mistake is "doing too much"
got "contractor-ITIS" "git-r-done-syndrome"
doing my best to not be the one doing the harm to the fellaz

n00b mistake i made, snagged a digital ph meter, digital therm
with remote etc and placed beanz on prop. mat,
well, had thermostat OFF the mat (Wrong Door Chuck!)
and damaged 4 super lemon beanz
soooo, redid that, started over

find your alpha female, name her "Mum"
and when the time is good, clone her

however, she might not be the strain yer looken for
"like droids, just happier"
someone might be able to help you identify each plant
so you can label them and know what you have

for me, one strain can make my day, another can wreck it
and for whatever reason it's not always about the thc content
i could be wrong, but as example i tried pineapple, which came from
trainwreck, pineapple hit me all kinds of wrong, bad on my ptsd
(maybe smoking it like ciggs was the error)
but trainwreck itself, mmm mmm good

you're ahead of me, looks, looks like you are taking good notes
if ya find your strain, you prolly already know this, snag your fav root
stuff and focus on the one does ya best

even tho you might not know which is which, you prolly know what strain
ya liked, so if ya don't know it yet and say sour-d did ya well, and you got one,
even tho maybe not the strongest plant in the bunch, i'd focus on that one