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Jun 27, 2005
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Today is 3 weeks from sprout, and it looks like they are finally out of the danger zone and on their way. Just want to say thanks to all (Mario, Diseased, Bizzy, Guru, and everyone else) who offered their valuable advice and encouragement. Here are the latest pics taken just a while ago. I was thinking I might put some photos together and put this saga in the "grow journal" section, but maybe I've tortured everyone enough...

much appreciation you guys,

3 weeks 001.jpg

3 weeks 002.jpg

3 weeks 003.jpg

3 weeks 004.jpg

3 weeks 005.jpg
Thanks Biz--
Just a quick (and a little stupid) question: One of the plants was hit by some falling debris from the shelf above and it just happened to break off the budding top/center. Will this prevent further heightening, as when plants are topped in the later veg stages, or will it recover and continue to rise? I did notice two new budding nodes where the break occured.
Don't Worry About It They Will Recover.
Yeah man, they appear to be finally going through a bit of a "spurt", and I am relieved to say the least. They are quite stout and seem to be very bushy. Which I'm guessing is a good thing. How long do you usually let yours veg before moving to flower? I know they are going to grow quite a bit more once I go to 12/12, so I was thinking with height in mind. I know for veg I have at least another month, maybe two?
You have to know how big you want them to grow mojo, so you can know when to switch, but if i was you with that system i start to flower in another 2weeks.
Wow, I was thinking I still had a ways to go, but that's great. My light goes around 3 feet above the trays, so I guess I have to top em out at least a little less to accomodate correct distance from my 400w HPS (when I switch over from the MH that is in there now). Do you recommend switching to HPS right when I go to 12/12? I still have the MH around 2 feet above the plants now. The tallest plant is around 6-7 inches and the smallest around 4-5 inches in height, but they are spreading out wide.
An additional note:
I am all set up in my clone/germ/veg upper shelf section to start an overlap crop so I can start to rotate a continuous supply of bud. I have an improvised 6 clone drip system set up with its own seperate ventilation and plastic curtain, etc...
Just wondering what your recommendations on cloning might be. I was thinking of cloning to determine sex prior to flowering, what do you guys think?
I do have a number of seeds just chilling in the fridge, but I thought I would attempt the clone thing just to get some experience. Any feedback is appreciated.
If you 12/12 your plants before they are sexually mature, you will get a very small yield.
If on the other hand you wait until they are sexually mature, you'll get LOTS more pot.
Wait until the branches are alternating. This generally occurs 4--6 weeks after sprouting.

I think it's best to take clones while the plants are in veg (label everything), root them and then as soon as they're rooted 12/12 the clones to determine sex and toss all males.
Thanks Guru--
You may have to school me on the "alternating branches" aspect. At the rate they are going now, I think at the 6 week mark they will be ready. They are just sucking the res down and consuming like crazy.
I think I will go with the clone plan you suggested, and see what happens. If wishing counts for anything, then these will all be females. But then again, I am a realist...
Hopefully, prayer and meditation will achieve favorable results...
So you've been growing since 67? I was a mere one-year-old at the time! (all due respect, seriously). I can't imagine the changes in cannabis that you have been alive to witness. Man, would I like to sit down and smoke a bowl with you and listen to your stories, I'm sure they are enlightening. Thanks for taking the time to provide your input, it is much appreciated.
hey mojo, i agree w/ guru abot the branching thing, the plant has to be ready hormoneally ( i cant spell) See how youre plants are simetrical? soon the plants will start to grow more obvious branches, as they explore for light and space. right now its just kinda, stock node node leaf feaf stock node node leaf leaf alnernating sides.. lol does that make any sense? enough i hope
Run some string over top if you like, or whatever, this saves work for the plant, by making it easy to stand up , and yo can train them to fill the voids ect. p.s. if you pull some males l8r on, a tall starbucks cup lid is a precise fit over a 3 and 1/2 hydro basket. light

take care mr M
Thanks Mario---
A while back on another post you had mentioned that you used an extra res to keep you main one filled/topped off. My plants are really starting to drink water now that they have shot up a bit, so Iwas looking at trying to make my own "controller" with parts from the hardware store. You had mentioned the float valve---all I could find was a fill type valve used in toilets, but before i tried to rig it up, I thought I would ask you for some ideas.
Thanks for any assistance,
I wish I could blaze a fattie with you and every grower of the sacred herb.
I'd tell you about the time I used to import tons of pot in old WW II-era bombers from Mexico across the border into the Salton Sea area of SoCal, flying low to avoid radar, back in the 60's.
And my experiences running a large commercial grow op (1,700 plants) in the 80's.
And many more.
Salton Sea is not far from me, drive right by it on occasion in my travels--what a small world! That must have been a truly wild time. WWII bombers? Holy shit! Were you at the wheel during those runs? I gotta hear more of that story when you get a chance. Would probably make a helluva movie/screenplay, you should shop it around to some producers. 1700 plants? Blows my mind, considering the trouble I am having with just six (lol)! Maybe when (& if?) my crop is harvested and cured and I sit down to test my first bud, we can arrange a time to meet here on the live chat and smoke a virtual fatty together (lol)...
Sounds kewl to me mojomon.

I only made one cross-border run and I was a passenger, not a pilot, although I did sit in the co-pilots seat for a spell.
Mainly, I arranged the trucks and fork lifts to meet the plane and pick up the bales of pot. The most we ever brought across at 1 time was about 5 tons.

Then, in the late 80's I found myself in Mendocino County, in the tiny town of Mendocino. I started talking to a guy about pot (I was actually there to buy some pot to take back to L.A. with me). I told him I was an experienced grower. He hooked me up with a supplier and the next spring I got a call and a job offer.
I ran (but did not own) the whole shebang. I chose the best sites, supervised an irrigation system, ordered nutrients, inspected the plants during growth, supervised harvesting and manicuring.
Took my pay in $$$ and ganja.
Wow, talk about a dream gig, what a way to get paid. That is so cool. It never ceases to astonish me that this wonderful plant is still illegal in this country.
By the way, my little plants are quickly turning into fat shrubs, and I think I see today the beginnings of the "alternating" branches you (and Mario) spoke of in the earlier post. I will take more pics at the end of this weekend as that will be my one month mark. I think they will be ready to flower at six weeks at the rate they are going, no problem. The leaves are getting huge, is that a good thing? Just wondering if that meant my feeding might still be out of balance. Due to their increased water consumption I have already had to top off the res twice this week, and both times I added just a little nutrient to try and keep the load balanced.
So we are definitely on for the live blaze when this shit is finally in smokable form!
hey mojo , i am going out of town for work .. so ill talk to you later , as for the float valve, little giant makes one that u can use it sells for 18 bucks or so, this type is commonly use to fill up trophs for cattle, you will also need what is commonly called a drain fitting, for youre other res. its a hard go at the hardware store, unless they cater to farmers. more grow shop shoping im affraid. .the other option is to tap srtaight into your water line, they make alot of plumbing products for dummies ( im a dummie) these days.......... just tell the plumping dude at home depot youre addind hose to rinse of your dog, r whatever. take a pic of the underbits of the nearest sink and he (she) will grap all the crap you need . it all threads together fairly easy,no tools needed except a cheapish pipe cutter. 10 bucks. and a small plumbing wrench, they will tell u what you need too.you can skip the second res... but you will stiill need a float valve. any way gotta be up before the sun so peace , ill be home in about 5 days.i owe i owe i owe

Thanks Mario---
I actually found everything on another hydro website last night. Stuff was pretty cheap, so I went ahead and ordered it. Got the gravity-fed float valve, drain fitting and second res all in one place (and I also got some trellis netting per your suggestion in the earlier post). Good luck in your travels and I'll talk to you later. Should have some pics by the time you get back--

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