4'x4' ebb and flo question

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rebelwithoutacause said:
If i run a 4x4 ebb & flo with a 1000w switchable light and 6'' rockwool cubes what would be my best configuration (how many cubes)? I have 64 cubes i want to produce as much as possible in one batch. Does anyone have any guesses for yields? Also would the 4x4 be easy for cops to detect? thanks
You'll have to do two things first. You'll need to either buy or build your ebb and flow system and you'll need to root your cuttings. 4 x 4 inch rockwool cubes are plenty large enough to root your clones in. If you've got the 6 x6 inch rockwool, they will work also. What method of rooting are you doing?

A 4 x4 growing area is plenty large enough to put a 4 chamber system in. Do you already have one in mind, or do you want to build it? Do you have to put the reservoir in the same room or can you go into the next room with it?

What ceiling height are you restricted to? The distance your 1K light will have to be from the plants will limit your grow height. Four 250 Watt lights would actually provide a more even light for your plants in a low ceiling enviroment, but if you've already bought the 1000 Watt light, you can still use it. You'll have to flower sooner to allow for verticle space restrictions. If you've got a 12 or even a 10 foot ceiling, then the 1000 watt light will work very well.

Tell me the parts I'm missing and I can help you put a great unit together.

1. The reservoir needs to be in another room if you can do this.
2. What's the height of the grow area?
3. How are you going to root the cuttings?
4. Are you buying a Ebb and Flow unit or do you want to build one?
5. Have you already purchased the 1K light?
rebelwithoutacause said:
I already have the 4'x4' (res. is right under it (commercial unit)), 1000w switchable, and 6'' rockwools. Ceiling is 9.5'. I am planning on rooting my clones in a propogation tray with small rockwools. I don't really want to buy a cloner bc i want to buy a cabinet that has the three rooms in it after this batch or maybe after a few. thanks
Sounds like you're ready man.

Root the clones and put them into your rockwool if it isn't what you rooted them in.

Then put the rockwool into you Ebb and Flow units. I'll take it that you've sexed your clones already. One plant per unit is plenty. Using LST and HST, you should be able to fill out your 4x4 area real nice.

I have a grow area the same size almost, and into flowering at 23 days. I have slightly over 100 growing tips that are all at the same height and budding like hell.

The yeild of your crop is depentant on many factors including strain, nutes, lights, number of growing tips and the amount of lumens at the level of the tips.

With WW or any of the white strains, I'd guess you'll get about a pound of dried, cured bud, maybe more than that. I'm growing "Big Bud" in mine and I'm trying a new watering schedule to boost growth. It's working fine and I'm looking to get as much as two pounds of dried, cured bud from this crop.

The four plants I have flowering are using two gallons of nute water per/day, and at 23 days of flowering, are looking real good. I can't believe I have 5 more weeks of flowering to go. They look like they did on my old schedule at 5 weeks. Very interesting.

Good luck to you man. I hope you have a bumper crop! Let us know how you do, ok?
Rebel, what kind of ebb and flow system, id like to see. What about your Areo6? did you toss that out?
Looks like he tossed it all out..., including his posts...?
dude nobody finding you here there theres billions of houses in the world,just dont take pics that gives your house away ,like the front street or your backyard.
rebelwithoutacause said:
naw i got paranoid and erased it all.
Damn man, I thought I was going crazy. Hell, I thought I was walking around an emty room talking to myself.

Ok man, I'm high. Hey, that's ok. I forgot what we were talking about.

And now you've done em all in.

I'll never figger this out.

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Yeah i did just decide to scrap the 4X4 project because i don't need that much weed. I sold it to a friend. Instead i am getting a bloombox and i'm gonna take my ww clones and load her up.
rebelwithoutacause said:
Yeah i did just decide to scrap the 4X4 project because i don't need that much weed. I sold it to a friend. Instead i am getting a bloombox and i'm gonna take my ww clones and load her up.
Man, you sure do blink in and out! hahahhahha.

You're reminding me of an old TV I had once.

Hey, whatever works for you man. Just enjoy the grow. I hope you have a great crop.

Good luck to you.

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