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Feb 6, 2011
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Hey! Could I get you to email these people and let them know tha tyou support H577 and want them to move it on to the next stage so that it meets the cross-over deadline on May 12... If it doesn't pass the house by then, then it can't go before the Senate, and will not be considered again until 2013! I've compiled a list of email addresses of the people running and on the committee currently overseeing the bill, you can just copy and paste the whole list into the "to:" box of a compose mail window... I'd much appreciate it!
editYou can also email the Joint Committee on Regulatory Reform telling them that you think the laws currently governing the medical use of marijuana in our state are outdated and in need of reformation. You can do that at this address: regreform[COLOR="Red"]AT[/COLOR], or go a step further than that and contact the committee members individually from here:
I have done all I can do here, and I'll be attending a town hall meeting on the subject tomorrow afternoon at the Blue Ridge Community College and speaking publicly about medical marijuana and our needs for it in our state. I'd ask that you come, but it's quite short notice, and I just found out myself today... But it's an open invite, Thomas auditorium at 12:30 to sign in to speak.

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