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May 30, 2011
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Hey guys the names Myke, not new to growing, but not your Ganja expert. Still learning everyday. I guess im here to learn and let you guys in on what i got going on.

Currently have a perpetual grow going.

Veg Room: 1x Jack herer
6x Sfv Og
1x Bubba Kush
1xValley thunderfuck
1x 707 Og
1x Ah which is unknown till i get ahold of my clone connect
1x OG Kush
Total: of 12 plants

Bloom: 1x bubba Og
1x Green crack
3x platinum Og
3x Og
1x purple urkle
3x Sfv Og
2 x Bubba Kush
1x Blue dream

total of 15 plants. Anyways ill be putting up a journal once the lights kick on so i can take some shots of my bloom room for you guys, till then ill post some veg pics. Stay tuned
sweeeet! :postpicsworthless: welcome! and enjoy

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