are these leaves burned?

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Mar 3, 2011
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hey all one of my plants took off toward my 400w HPS and i can see it burned one of my leaves. What i am concerned is the new growth in the front on the bottom where you can see all yellow where theres new growth. Is that burn?


Maybe, but even if it is, it's not any big deal. The leaves, if burned, will stay damaged, but new growth will follow. I don't think it's burn, but could be!
Mine have grown into my light and burnt a few times. Like Roddy said, no big deal your plant should be fine.Good Luck
Looks like burn but like the other guys said you'll be ok. Try to keep at a safe distance especially during flower because you can stress the plant and produce a few seeds that you won't see until you harvest :)
It'll take a bit to stress a plant to hermie from heat, but I suppose it can be done. As long as you're checking the gals daily, you'll be fine. Did this turn out to be burn??
I think most of us have had this happen from time to it has already been said no biggie....just back the light off a bit.
Yea it is heat burn we sometimes forget the that little HID light produces a more powerful light density than the sun at its jacket. keep her 12in-24in away as artificial light reduces its lumen's by 25% every foot you will be fine. and as stated before leaves are the only part of the plant that will not regenerate. so here comes some new growth.

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