automatic ph controller

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Apr 4, 2005
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you guys think it's ok to use the automatic ph controller that works with co2 to adjust ph?
not sure but Bumping you back to the top...

take care and be safe
not heard of anyone using CO2 to adjust pH. are you saying you bubble it through your nutes or source water?
me greatly agree OGK, but seeking info from the poster. just my talkative nature... heh...
OGKushman said:
that would be very bad sssc

Not that it has anything to do with the OP's question, but why would that be bad?
i think that they are talking about the automatic ph controlers for like a pool?
yea they have one for pool and for fish tanks....i was wondering if it can be used in hydro systems because this guy claims he has something like that
the only problem i could think of with an automatic controler would be build up of salts and such
jc2010 said:
i think that they are talking about the automatic ph controlers for like a pool?

A pH controller for a swimming pool would work ok. It would add either decreaser or increaser, either one but not both, to maintain the set point. In swimming pools, depending on the pool surface, the source water, and the sanitizer used the pH will always either rise or fall without treatment so both are not needed unless you over treat or lack alkalinity. Damn expensive but could be usefull in a commercial hydro application. Although I'm sure somebody already sells one for that. . .

Basically the solution is passed over a sensor and when the pH drifts off the set point a peristaltic comes on and pulls acid or base out of a holding tank into the vessel. Once the pH is back to the set point the pump stops. This method works very well to maintain pH in large 60k gal+ bodies of water. Probably a bit of overkill for your 30gal res.

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