Big thanks to NorCalHal!

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Jan 11, 2011
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After two fails @ doing the clone thing, I did some more homework. I read the rockwool clone tuitorial from NorCalHal...Bam, my clones are dominating! I used Clonex, and eliminated the Olivia's, and I have serious roots after 2.5 weeks! Stoked! I have more clones than I will be able to use.The clones will be my fourth grow with dwc, 600w, Dutch Master Nutes. Thanks again NorCal!:)
Good Deal! I am glad it worked for you! I still use the same method and never have issues with Clones!
Thanks again!
With a couple of tweaks, the method kicks serious butt. I have tried other methods but this is the one that works consistantly. It may be a little slower than say an easy cloner but without the hassle of transplanting losses so it wins for me.

Yu da man hal! W

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