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noobie with a doobie
Jan 19, 2010
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I just cleaned my grow room from top to bottom with bleach, how long till I can put my plants back in?
When I give my room a good clean down, I keep the exhaust fan running and within 2 hours there is no odor of bleach or other cleaners. I figure that if I cannot smell it, my plants will be okay.
Yep. Couple hours. As long as you turned on ventilation. I have not bleached down my room in 5 cycles. Yikes ): prob should. Just shows as long as you keep it sterile and are on point for both mites and PM, you can go along time with no worries.
i use h2o2 multi purpose, i clean res with it easier than bleach, clean floors walls wuithout residue and add it to res preventing slime and larvae.
Ty all for ure replys. Silly question I know, but better safe than shot in the eye

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