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May 25, 2005
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As I type this, 8 a.m., it's 38 degree's outside.
It's gonna get up to upper 70's maybe even 80 in the day, but getting that cold at night slows the plants processes way down.
I've been harvesting a plant or two every day or two for the last week. Yesterday 2 came down; to-day 2 or 3 are coming down. I getting massive leaf fall on lots of them.
By this time sext weekm they'll only be 3 of my original 24 left. Hopefully it won't freeze before then.
But unless the temps go back up (we usually don't get our first frost until mid-late Oct) I'm not holding out much hope for 2 of those 3 that will remain.
Of course, they are the 2 biggest plants and the only sativa's of the bunch.
I guess I'm lucky about having so many early-maturing plants. I've been reading on cultivation boards here and elsewhere that people are already getting frosts and NONE of their plants are gonna finish.

The last 2 nights I've had nightmares. I dream that I go out to my patch and find all my plants gone--stolen.
I have to rush out at dawn just to make sure it was only a nightmare.
yeah its a known fact this time of year is very stressful for growers but its also a known fact that in a month all that stress is blown away with a single puff.
haha thats why I veg my plants outside in the summer when its warm and when the cold weather rolls around I move them inside under lights for flowering and it works like a charm, plus no nightmares ;)
yes, things are getting close...I'm hopin' for another 10 days or so on these ladies :D

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