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Friday at 7:40 AM

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It's arrived enter your fine buds today
Once again it is time to post them Buds
be them New or Old Let's show off Your good work.
Get your best Buds ready to show what you have grown.

Contest is open to all members.
There are some rules

Okay guys here we go. If you want to have some fun,,, post your best picture of a bud and strain if you know it, that you have grown or are growing in this thread. You can enter you Picture right up until the poll closes at midnight on the last day of the month. The poll and voting will begin on the last week of that month.
If you win your bud pick will be put at the top of the Forum for all to see until the next months contest.

The contest will start October 1st 2021, Voting begins the last week of contest so last date of entering will be the day before voting starts Then end last day of month .

Entries will have to be post marked by the end of thrid week and once again voting will commence last week of month .

Here are the rules
1. Only one submission per person per month
2. Submission Must have been grown by the person submitting - no nominations

3. Each submission must include strain identity/name

Now Show Me The Buds.
Good Luck
Winner will Get bragging rights for a month of fun
and a nice Gold Bar under their handle.

Good Luck


Ganja Farmer
Bud of the Month Winner
Oct 31, 2007
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@Bubba I've grown granddaddy purps in the past (in 2011). Gosh, where does the time go? Mine looked similar to the wedding cake, but my notes say it wasn't a favorite of mine (structure, yield, potency were all underwhelming).
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