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Jan 15, 2011
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Just a little something I have goin on at the moment..

First pic is an unknown seed from really dope herb from a few months ago. Just a huge tall stalk about 4-1/2' tall right now. Has white hairs all over and started to get red hairs last week.

Second is California Hash, topped once 2 months ago...she's bushing up real nice, no training at all. She's about 4-1/2' x 4'

Last but not least is a clone from an LA Confidential I have indoors. She's been outside for 10 days in a 2 gallon smart pot. I'm looking forward to this one the most. I watched a video and apparently the guys outdoor LA Con turned purple on him and looked wonderful, hoping mine does the same :)

Just fed everything today with Fox Farm all purpose fert 5-5-5 and a dose of Indonesian Bat Guano....and watered with molasses. All 3 are in Fox Farm Happy Frog soil.

Really liking organics right now...and the fact that I can re-use my soil after this is great:)

Be safe and happy smoking....headin to the shore soon for a big party on the bay :smoke1:

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Looking great burner....you got some healthy looking plants.
the first one looks really nice... i wish i had something like that :)
Thanks doods....really wish I had a spliff right now...at some mansion on the bay and its beautiful out
Burner they look tasty already :).
Btw how often do you use the FF all purpose fert and what dosages ?
Thanks Johnny - Last month for the first time I fed Fox Farm fruit & flower 5-8-4. My local store was out of it so I just went with the all purpose 5-5-5. I'm gonna keep feeding once a month I guess, or play it by ear. This is my first time outdoors and my first time feeding a granular organic fertilizer so it's a learning process right now :)
Same for me, that's why I'm asking, I have a fert that is the same 5-5-5 and I burned some ak 47 with it, while some bag seed could handle double dosage.
Yep herb is a crazy plant...I love it :D They're in 4 gallon pots, and I fed 1/2 cup of the Fox Farm and 1/4 cup guano ...so far so good. What size pots are yours in and how much did you feed?

The first feeding last month I fed 1 cup of the Fruit & Flower 5-8-4 and they handled it fine, so maybe i'll up it next feeding.
They are in 2 gallon pots, fed them a half cup of fert, also the soil is mixed with manures, they where also 5 weeks old :).
Thanks don

Thats cool Johnny, good luck on the grow. I may have a height issue with mine soon. Both of them are about 1-1/2' from the top of my fence line. No bueno....I have have to try and try them down some.
Still growing strong...the bagseed has preflowers all over it. I took a clone and it threw roots today..so hopefully she turns out to be some dankness i'll have another one ready to go. The California Hash is still looking good, starting to get a lot of hairs on her. LA con is starting to take off a little..probably should have per her out sooner, but all in all ...lookin good

And a pic of my other harvest ...I'm eating 1-2 tomatoes a day and can't keep up. Gotta give some away soon. Grilled some up last night with some flank steak and squash. I picked a longhot and habenero and grilled as well. The longhot was tasty, the habenero was way too hot (all from the veggie garden). good eats

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Grilled some up last night with some flank steak and squash. I picked a longhot and habenero and grilled as well. The longhot was tasty, the habenero was way too hot (all from the veggie garden). good eats :)

thank ozzy ..I grew mostly Ramapo's this year (Jersey tomato) They're sweet and real meaty.
go to bigger pots, will make a difference. if you can just go straight into the ground, you will enjoy a nicer yeild. looks great! i miss the days of growing outside the house.
Took some shots today, everything's looking pretty smooth. They all have been fed with tea the past 2 watering's and I'll probably continue that till harvest

Brewing 3 gallons at a time with molasses, Fox Farm Bulb food 3-8-8 and Indonesian Bat Guano 0.5-12-0.2.

We properly named the tall girl "Jersey Thunderfcuk" (hope I don't get in trouble for that). A lot of orange hairs, and has a strong sweet smell. The LA Confidential started to flower a little late and she went 10-1/2 weeks on me indoors, so i'm hoping she will finish up outside in time.

The California Hash has flowers everywhere, she's gonna start putting on some weight soon:D

Edit: forgot to add that I put a tarp over them to control watering, we've had heavy rain the past few weeks and the tarp really helped out. I catch rain water running off it with a tub anyway :)

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lookin good burner!! glad all is good and i hope you shared that HUGE piece of meat with the lady. lol
Thanks Ruffy ...yeah I shared some with her, only because she seasoned it:laugh:. I kid I kid, I couldn't throw that whole thing down myself

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