buying online???

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Apr 6, 2011
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whats everyone thaughts on buying seed online? or anything else?
If I had to guess I would say 95% of the users here have bought things online...lights, nutrients, bulbs, rockwool, etc. I would also guess at least 65% of the users here got their genetics off of the internet.

In my opinion the first step would be learning your country/state's MJ laws on cultivation to consider the risks. NORML's site is good for that if you are American. As far as worrying about getting busted because you bought something online, forget about it. In America there are literally tens of thousands of people buying seeds and growing equipment off the internet every day. Our government can not track down one 6'6 terrorist on dialysis. They have more important things to worry about than the guy that wants to grow a few plants in his basement. Just my opinion.....

lol im in canada eh! but the good strains i want are not in canada. so whats the int. issue?
I've bought seeds on line and have had no issues. The link at the top of the page is a good place to start. They are the only income this place gets for it's opperation and comes from clicking on the link. They have stealth delivery and are dependable.
Attitude, Planet Skunk & Seed Boutique are my recommendations. Not necessarily in that order.

As for the bits, just buy them through a variety of online sources or from your local hardware if you are planning on making a DIY system.

Planet Skunk has a bank account locally so I just deposit money into their account with a reference and all is sweet. I've used a personal credit card at Seed Boutique (arguably not the most secure method but I'm not really concerned with the penalty for 10 seeds if they were found, or 10 plants for that matter) otherwise you can use a prepaid Visa, but just check the type you have is acceptable at whichever vendor you ultimately choose.

If you've not had much growing experience just get a cheap strain that suits your choice of growing style, conditions and environment/equipment.
IMO, the biggest concern is not getting busted for ordering seeds, but buying hermi seeds that can and will ruin your crop. You can buy a prepaid credit card and use it, so it can not be traced to you. It is the most secure way to order seeds on line. just my 2 cents...
I have ordered seeds online for many many years. I pay with my cc and have them sent to my home. Buying seeds is one of the safest parts of this growing thing.
Hey Ruffy! :ciao:

If you'd like some FINE diggity dank, eh :joint: & you'd like to order within the borders of Canada Hempdepot is a great option with some top dank selections from many breeders...:aok:

I just grew Joey Weed Apollo 11 and Joey Weed c99 and they turned out VERY nice...:hubba: The only way that you can order from Hempdepot is snail mail a money order for payment but they turn the orders around pretty fast. When I order from Hempdepot the shipping to the US is a bit slow because of customs but within the Canadian borders it should be pretty quick.

Peace~! :cool:
If you are going to use Hemp Depot checkout Leprechaun seeds....a bunch of us are growing out their strains two snakebites are dank as helll Colin and Sharon are good peeps.

^ they sell in 20 packs too at hempdepot :)
*been eying em for awhile ;)
Hey im in Canada too eh, even if you order from a seedbank claiming to be Canadian there is a very good chance the seeds will actually ship to you from Europe, its no big deal at all, order away, pm me if you are interested in a place called single seeds Canada.

in Canada it is not actually illegal to possess seeds, its only illeagal to pop them.

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