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Feb 22, 2010
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SACRAMENTO - A bill to reduce marijuana cultivation from a mandatory felony to a wobbler, or optional misdemeanor, is being sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and Mendocino DA David Eyster. The bill, AB 1017, would spare medical and small-scale home growers the need for a costly felony prosecution. This is the first time in thirty years that the legislature has considered a bill to reduce cultivation penalties. AB 1017 has passed the Public Safety Committee and is headed to Appropriations. It should reach the Assembly floor shortly. Send a message to your Assembly member to support AB 1017 by visiting the link

this is great news!being a grower myself,I know that is illegal on the federal level to cultivate marijuana for personal use,and yes this makes me a little paranoid.but if this bill passes in California,then Oregon has a chance too.even though the state of Oregon allows me to cultivate my personal marijuana and it is LEGAL through the "State",it is still against the "FEDERAL" law.Any kind of legislation that is going to take marijuana and "LESSEN" the penalties for "Personal" consumption and personal cultivation,I am all for.thank you for sharing this information.I'm looking forward to more updated information on this subject.please keep us informed.keep to the grind and keep puffing the kind!drd8nk!(and the grind I'm referring to is the "Grow".:))drd8nk!!!:headbang2: :bong:

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