can i use this to water MJ ?

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bud boy

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Jan 13, 2006
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i jus wanto find out if it is ok to use drinking water that u buy from the shops to water mj plants. i have a big bottle and here are the ingredients below
Calcium 32
Magnesium 11
Potassium 3
Sodium 75
Bicarbonates 412
Chloride 15
Sulphates 19
Nitrates <1
PH (at source) 7.8
Dry Residue at 180 degrees C 359

sorry if it looks abit confusin guys !
I would only use fertilized water that I mixed myself.

R/O Spring water or Distilled water. R/O means it was purified by reverse osmosis. You can it by the gallon for about a buck @ wal-mart or the grocery store.

There are lots of fertilizers out there that you just mix like a 1/4 of a tsp per gallon and you have balanced nourishment for your plants.

So the amount you would spend on that drinking water would not be financially worth it. 10 bucks for fertilizer and 7 bucks worth of water and you could grow 3-4 plants very well.

So I would not get or use any kind of water that had additives in it(especially salt). Just my opinion.
All "normal" i.e. drinking or spring water contains trace amt's of nutrients.
Which is one reason why dr's do not recommend drinking r/o water--we need those nutrients (minerals).
The trace levels of the water mentioned is ok. The levels are far from what plants require for good growth.
The pH is too high however. Ideal for soil is 6.5, for hydro 5.5.

But the water you buy in bulk, like from those big machines outside markets (like 25 cents per gallon) are just as good. Just choose "spring" or drinking water, not distilled.

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