Cannabis Nachos?

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Aug 5, 2011
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HeIl, California.
Has anyone on this board made pot nachos? I could see how to make them if you were using Cheez Whiz or similar (add some budder/kief/oil to the dip), but could it be done with real cheddar cheese, which tends to separate? THC evaporates at 157 °C (315 °F) so maybe it could be done by simmering the cheese on low heat in a double boiler and adding the pot ingredient.

If I were making meat and cheese nachos I would just add shake to the ground beef along with the other seasoning, but I don't think sprinkling shake into "straight" cheese would work.
Ya, you coulda just cooked the meat in some canna-oil, but cheese and chips only? hmm...
What if you made a roux with canna-butter, then just added a little more cheese at the end to get it to a thickness you like?
I like the idea of a budder roux for a fondue-esque dip/sauce. After reading the article I think that would be the best way to do it, and that the cheese cannot stand alone. Green props sent. I shall post the results if I try it and come up with something edible.:smoke1:
Definitely post some results! how much you plan to use?
I use around 11g of some decent reggie for a fam-sized batch of brownies. Wonder how much to do for a dip, Good Luck!
I have around an eighth of really good indica shake (the kind with crumbs of bud in it). I think I might need more than that for the version described in the article.
Nice, I love shake. That was just the first recipe I came by, I'm sure there are many more, including smaller recipes.

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