Cannabutter trial and success! :D

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Dec 6, 2009
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so i had this jar of trim i thought i wanted to give cannabutter a real try, i just got 200gram of high fat butter and used a small kettle and 16g of trim. i melted the butter in it added the finely powdered trim and kept stirring on the lowest heat possible, actually i had to keep raising the kettle and stirring not to let the butter burn, as soon i i would feel the butter is starting to bubble i raise it and stir, and that's on very small flame in the stove, that's because i was using a small amount of butter. i kept up this patiently for 30 minutes not allowing any browning of the butter at all, and i strained it in a glass, the liquid looked like rich green oil, then to the refrigerator, in an hour or so i looked and it looked awesome, somehow like the color of avocado shake lol i had some to eat, the taste is awesome, i guess when people are saying that the taste is bad it's because they had burned the butter. i only had 5 grams of butter which contain about 0.5grams of trim, the effect is very nice, light headed and relaxed :D

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:ciao: Well Done....thanks for shareing
Like chef says, "everything's better with butter. When she said that she had no idea about THIS kinda butter. YUMMY! I'mma try this for sure. Excellent post so thank you!
a quick tip. If you melt the butter and skim the white solids from the top (milk fat) it will tolerate higher heats and even come to a boil and not burn or brown. The browning is caused by the milk fats at the point of burning, and causes that rich nutty flavor. Some people prefer this flavor, but for baking its not quite the flavor you want. Ide use it for searing poultry or beef, and make a pan sauce.
Can you use land o lakes? Its all I got and I don't wanna go to the store

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