clone is browning on edges

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Jan 31, 2005
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HELP my clone is'nt looking good what could be the problem. i'm new at cloneing so i don't know that much about them.

clone 1.JPG

hey talln'. They all look pretty darn healthy to me, barring the single you're concerned with. I woudn't let it worry me too much. Some shoots simply are not going to make it. Accept it as a fact of life. Though I wouldn't give up on that one just yet.
Cuts will invariably yellow while rooting. They are useing the stored nutes in the leaves to survive and root. I compensate nute uptake by misting very lightly with a weak flowering fertilizer, about every third day or so. How many days since taking the cuts?.. They appear vibrant and healthy.
looking good. Ya' should be seeing roots any day now.
Try just leaving one fan leaf on them. Mine root faster and dont droop as much when you dont have so many leaves on them.
you know i just want the best for my little ones. Thanks Hick and D.S.

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