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Mar 31, 2005
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my friend has a plant that will be ready to dry and cure in a couple of weeks question is can i still take cuttings from it to use as clones even thou it has flowered already??
What I have heard is that people have tried this and they did succeed. I can't remember who it was that did this.

But I think it's not the best thing for the plant. A marijuana plant is basically a one season plant, after flowering it dies. If you try to clone it you really pushing it to grow again, although that it might work, the plant would be stressed and in my opinion it would not grow for 100%.

But test it out and let us know how it goes. :)
from trial and error i have not had very good sucsess with cloning that way, they seem to just continue with a dwarfed bud, you could cut and leave a branch to regenerate by back to veg and lots of nitro worked for me, if you like the strain that much give it awhirl good luck Rzb
I'd have to agree, regeneration would probably be your best bet...

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