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Apr 10, 2011
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What do i need for cloning? Rapid rooter seems to be in order ... how long does it keep? What is recommended cloning gel? Anything else I should have on hand?
Tomato grow kit. Like $35. Comes with,

10" dome w/ vents
Heating pad

Rooting hormone
Iso alcohol
Rootin medium, peats, rapid rooters, rockwool, etc
Small cutting board
T12 lights

That's about. A tray will fit 40 cuts. 8x5, using peats that is. GL
Yes. I have tried lots and lots. I just use the simple Shultz powder. I found it was not about the rooting hormone to get high level of survivors. It's the full routine. From heat, moisture, healthy cuts, technique and lastly the rooting compound.
Clonex ROCKS!
I had a lot of problems cloning until around 6months ago when I made a few changes to NorCalHals routine and now I get 100% rooted clones every time.
I never use a heat pad or heated propagator, they get too hot imo.
I give them 20/4 lighting, before this I used 24/0 with decent success but since the switch I now get rooted clones in 10 days every time, even from sickly plants.

My kit consists of:
Cheap propagator, £3.50
Clonex £5.50
Iso alcohol £1.49
Rockwool £7.70 for 77 1" cubes
Scissors Plate & glass already had lying around
Patience is also required but thats not a buyable product!
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