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Coming To A Secret Downtown L.A. Locale: The 4/20 'Herb' Dinner


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Jun 21, 2007
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As some of you prepare to add another chapter to the stoner diaries on April 20, you might want to consider celebrating cannabis by consuming it during a secret dinner in Downtown Los Angeles. Chef Laurent Quenioux and Executive Chef Thi Tran of Starry Kitchen are teaming up yet again to bring pot practitioners -- or anyone interested in herbal cuisine -- "THE 4.20 (Weed+Chinese) HERB Dinner."

Only 100 lucky diners can score a spot at the table to enjoy five weed-infused courses on the evening of 4/20. The event costs $100, and for those of you fearing the dreaded cottonmouth, do not fret. Mixologist Daniel Nelson of The Writers Room will pair cocktails with each herbilicous dish.

Squirt a few eye drops in your eyes and take a gander at the marijuana-friendly menu:

Silky Bantam Chicken, Chicken Skin, Avocado, Pink Grapefruit, Cannabis Leaves, Citrus Oil, Pickled Beets
Paired with: Nectar Ales Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale

Monkfish, Congee, Cannabis Epazote Pesto, Nettles, Shizo Buds, Young Carrots
Paired with: Cho Sun One - ganja sesame oil on perilla leaf, Korean pear, American moonshine

Spare Ribs, Bergamot Glazed Pork Belly, Green Apple, Green Garlic, Cauliflower Gremolata
Paired with: Earl Grey (Bergamot) Tea Weed Cocktail - apple, cannabis tincture

Beef Culotte, Onion Bacon Cannabis Tart, Sunchoke, Morels
Paired with: Gin Gibson - smoking gun ganja garnish

Osmanthus Panna Cotta, Rhubarb, Frozen Cream, Blood Orange Sorbet, Cannabis Soil
Paired with: Bhang Lassi - garam masala, milk, almonds, hashish

Starry Kitchen owners Nguyen Tran and Thi tell us they're not exactly sure which strains of ganja will be used in the weed din-din but noted, "Our staff got it directly from a grower (and not from a dispensary) because we wanted the fresh leaves to work with."

And if you're wondering how this whole culinary operation is legal, so are we. Helen Springut, who's helping organize the event, tells us, "We're not intending to get anyone high." It's not exactly clear whether or not patrons will be asked to flash their medical marijuana cards, but perhaps it's safe to bring proof of prescription just in case.

The kush cuisine's inception began as a joke, but Nguyen, who "just wanted to have fuckin' fun," thought, "**** YEAH! That's BRILLIANT and FUN!" He further explained the goal of the dinner to us in an email:

And if it's not just fun, it's also to play with the cannabis as an actual herb and play with the flavor. But don't forget the other focus is actually the Chinese herbs (which can be more lethal when combined incorrectly than the cannabis), so it's ultimately taking things that usually taste like CRAP (Chinese Herbs+Weed) and trying to make them taste GOOOOOOOOD!"

Angelenos have been quick to gobble up tickets, but it looks like there are a few left. You can RSVP here. The top-secret location and time (sometime between 7pm and 8pm) will only be revealed to ticket holders.

Party on, L.A.


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