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The grass is greener...
Jan 26, 2007
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Hello all, Just a quick question...

The wife, within her infinite wisdom, has gone and tipped left over vegetable oil into my compost heap.:fid: I went mad, she got angry saying "it 'is' organic!" in the most sarcastic voice she could possibly muster.

My 'heap' is well established, and I`m about to transplant for flower using it as organic fert, but I`m worried this may cause my ladies problems:eek:
If my ladies get hurt I`m going to act like a slob for a week, maybe longer!

Is this OK? If not, devorce is most definitely on the cards.

Toke em` up! Shug
Thanks for the speedy reply my friend; About 2 litres of oil into a 100ltr barrel
Seriously not good. Sorry I have to say that. Oil kills plants very fast. Your wife is correct in that it WILL decompose . . . but it will take quite a long time. I understand why she did that - it is very bad practice to pour used cooking oil down the drain. It contaminates a huge amount of water in the wastewater plant. Best is to pour it into a bag of sawdust and then into the rubbish bin.
No, no, no, no. no. No oil in your compost.

And as leafminer says, no oil down your drains. I freeze mine and then put it into the trash. Municipalities spend untold millions removing foreign substances from waste water. Always be aware of what you are sending down your drainage systems.
multifarious said:
I don't like the thought of adding any oil to landfill sites via trash.
I'd be much happier disposing of it at a recycling centre

Excellent point.
If my ladies get hurt I`m going to act like a slob for a week, maybe longer!

Is this OK?

If your ladies get hurt you're more than entitled to act like a slob :D
I have serious questions about this marriage. LOL. I think of her doing that every time I dump my little compost bucket. I rarely get mad, but I would be furious. It suffocated everything in there. Anaerobic I believe is the term.
Depression has now settled in, and has also allowed apathy to spread veriently throughout the house....The wife is now part of the compost heap...
It`ll be a great grow fert next year!!!
If she comes by here you haven`t seen me right:)

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