does the base of my plants need light?

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Apr 20, 2011
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i am going to growing some plants in a semi trailer and am wondering how much of the plant needs light?
It would be best to close in an area that is suitable for your lighting, tell us about your lights, and how you plan to grow, Hydro? Soil? You need at least 3000 lumens per sq ft for veg and 5000 per for flower. With proper lights you shouldnt need side lighting. I suggest also that you do a lot of reading, start with all the Stickys in this forum.
Nova pretty sure he is growing outdoors....a trailer with no roof.
Yeah I noticed he was asking the same question is more than one thread.
The base of the plant and undersides of the leaves don't need light. The tops of the leaves will use as much direct sunlight as they can get. If you are in a area they fly LEO choppers over, they will look out of place growing in a trailer with no roof..
The base of the plant does not need light, however, they are not going to get enough light in a semi with no lid. Most of the trailer will be in shadow most of the day. And I mentioned the security risk in your other thread. IMO, this is a really bad idea that is not going to work and will probably get you busted.

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