Easter dinner..

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Oh look, boobs!
Apr 8, 2011
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Hmm.. What's it today? Ham? Lamb? Crown rib?

My daughter is pretty eccentric and finicky when it comes to food. This means traditional fair is out. At least for her.. Not sure what she will have yet. maybe cheese ravioli? Maybe meatless spaghetti? Maybe strawberries, toast and vanilla yogurt with orange slices? Just never know with this girl.. But if she's thinking cheese pizza, she's sol...

Me, on the other hand.. I am left to fend for myself.. So, what sounds good? Fruit roasted duck? Baked clams?

Nope. This Easter it's gonna be greens. No salt pork in the house, so it will be collards with bacon. Some home fried chicken with country gravy, jalapeno cornbread or corn with butter, black pepper and diced chilis, and red skin mashed potatoes. Mmmm Mmm!

Whatcha all havin' for your Easter supper?
I had forgotten it was even egg huntn day?!!

I have no kids, my gparents are all gone, dont watch a lot of boob tube...no one reminded me! lol
Fishermans Bruise.

Salt cod, Fried potatoes, Hard bread, and scrunchens (Fried Pork Fat)
Pour a little molasais on the hard bread.

ever have it?

its an east coast Canadian thing i think.

im not a maritimer, but my parents and inlaws are.
dman1234 said:
Fishermans Bruise.

Salt cod, Fried potatoes, Hard bread, and scrunchens (Fried Pork Fat)
Pour a little molasais on the hard bread.

Wow, now that is different..
nvthis said:
Wow, now that is different..

LOL, definatly a regional dinner, hard bread is soaked over night and steamed the next day,hated it when i was a kid, now I love it,
I actually had it Friday at the inlaws

Yesterday was Moms bone in ham scalloped potatoes carrots califlower and mustard sauce, homemade cherry cheese cake.

Today, the wife and i get to do our own thing.

Pints of beer, chicken wings and fries at the bar.
Ham, taters, broccoli cheese casserole, corn salad & rolls.... They made greens with salt pork too NV but that ain't my deal...:rolleyes: We had baby spinach salad though and I love it uncooked but don't care for it cooked like collard greens...;)

and inordinate amounts of hash laden joints~! :joint:

Yummy nummerz~!!!!! :D
I went to my parents house and ate honey baked ham and turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, green beans, rolls, mac and cheese, ham and spinach keish and other munchies and donuts, chocolate cake, ice cream and rice krispy easter eggs dipped in chocolate for dessert :D
I had myself some Jock Horror and a couple of beers to celebrate! The cheeseburgers were great with that.
Smoked a ham on the smoker with hickory and apple wood, baked beans, pasta salad, asparagus, hash and bud light. :hubba:
nvthis said:
Ah Jesus, 4U.. If I woulda known that, I would have mailed you something... lol

Man...Your the Greatest...That BigMac was Nasty:eek:
Hick, ya basterd, you just shot my whole dinner all to hell.. lol

Man that looks tasty..
I smoked a brisket and a few racks of baby backs, hand cut french fries,and homemade bread. Washed it down with some homebrew (stout ale) and several bowls of NL1. Dessert was a flourless chocolate cake with mixed berries (frozen) and whipped cream.

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