Ebbnflowr grows breeder cuts

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34 or 35 I believe....one more week of CO2.
Day 35 I believe somewhere around there....gorilla glue 4 Joesy cut it leaning already! Had to put some support up for these colas....1 plant taking up a 4x4 space. Some gaps in the trellis but I did my best haha.

Day 35 I believe somewhere around there....gorilla glue 4 Joesy cut it leaning already! Had to put some support up for these colas....1 plant taking up a 4x4 space. Some gaps in the trellis but I did my best haha.

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Things get real good round day 56...
Harvest window for my environment is 9 to 9.5 depending... nice work.
Structure is similar. What are the terps like? A have a few in flower a couple weeks ahead of yours. Sticky icky. 👊
It's just super gassy and super sticky and stacking and stacking. I really hope it's the real one! I'm not that familiar really how any cultivar is supposed to smell like haha.
But here is white truffle around day 36. This one's smell is on another level and the stickiest plant I've ever come across in my short time growingm. I've never smelt anything like it, weed or otherwise it's intoxicating. Like some sort of sweet spice you would use during Xmas or Thanksgiving I can't describe it. But its evolving different smells which is just so cool to me. Breeder Cuts are fun 😁
Day 42 or 43 for what I thought was gg4 but I'm really not sure bc it doesn't look like hashs at all. I think I might have mislabeled a clone bc it's smelling and looking a lot like a truffle treats I've run a couple times. But not quite the same. But it's so loud and sticky. Wish I knew for sure! Haha
Right around day 50 in here....

Chimera#2 breeder cut gifted to me by a friend.

chimera#3 s1 from clone I hunted.
chimera 2....very similar to the c3s1 I noticed.
hawiaan lion#8 breeder cut
gorilla butter f2 white truffle cut
ok this is supposed to be gg4 Joesy cut but I'm not sure if I mislabeled a clone or I just didn't get the actual cut bc it doesn't look like hashes gg4. It smells and looks a lot like a truffle treats#9 s1 I had. But gg4 is a grand parent to to TT. So I'm not sure if honestly. Its so sticky and loud. My tt was the same though so idk!

This is purple milk breeder cut from right hemisphere genetics mid week 3. This cut here reeks during veg. I have high hopes for her.

So this run a lot of my lower buds have been drying out and kinda like dying. Not sure if I'm not watering enough? Or if I just didn't defoliate enough after stretch?

These didn't get an ideal start to flower. I vegged them way to long and they became huge and I had to cut a bunch off and tie them down for stretch so it hasn't been the cleanest run. Gonna be switching to fade in a couple days and will have to disconnect the 3 that are in early flower from the watering system and hand feed those the normal bloom nutes which is going to suck.

Blaze on homies
I still have that side bit going where I do smoke reports for people.
First one is always free.
All you need to do is send a couple of ounces c/o
Bogus Monkey
PO Box BR549
Stoneytown, IL
;) :32110marijuana: :angiesfavorite:;)
Haha man people are always asking me to send them stuff! I wouldnr want to risk all this fun I'm having in my basement!
Hahaha... Givin you trouble
I am however serious about hunting some of that CH 3. I followed GMO's and wasn't impressed with the stretch with the flip but holy cow. If there is a company out there where I can order or purchase a couple (5) of them PM me and let me know - Clones or seeds. I am ready to re-start like right now. Just waiting or trying to force someone else to force me to pick what I want to run. I don't think I am looking for anything that is going to put me to sleep though. Hopper 1st mentioned and my adult daughter also wants to see the C99 go again. Just can't make myself drop the seeds in the water... I need to get back at it though. That last run of C99 for me did turn out pretty good especially now that there has been some cure going on. Good Shyt. And wow - your work is awesome.

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