Ebbnflowr grows breeder cuts

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Hahaha... Givin you trouble
I am however serious about hunting some of that CH 3. I followed GMO's and wasn't impressed with the stretch with the flip but holy cow. If there is a company out there where I can order or purchase a couple (5) of them PM me and let me know - Clones or seeds. I am ready to re-start like right now. Just waiting or trying to force someone else to force me to pick what I want to run. I don't think I am looking for anything that is going to put me to sleep though. Hopper 1st mentioned and my adult daughter also wants to see the C99 go again. Just can't make myself drop the seeds in the water... I need to get back at it though. That last run of C99 for me did turn out pretty good especially now that there has been some cure going on. Good Shyt. And wow - your work is awesome.
The chimera is strong bro. My cut tested at over 5% cbg. It's def my night time jar haha! Idk the flavor isn't the best in my opinion though but I did chop early both times so I have a feeling I've been missing out.
Here is truffle treats#9 s1 which I thought was gg4 Joesy but it wasn't. I mislabeled a clone so I'll have to find her again. Really want to run it now....

This is the third time I've run this TT and she is so loud and sticky and raunchy. I don't even know what the smell is....idek...very unique. She was done at 55 but I let her go 63 this time and she faded different and is super loud. This one plant took up an entire 4x4.

Day 19...I switched nutrient lines and decided to ditch the sterile route with Athena and go with drip hydro with beneficial bacteria and microbes with the coco and things are looking better than ever. I also cut back on the watering like a lot. During stretch I'm only flooding the buckets every other day to get proper drybacks (shooting for 40-50% during stretch). Will start flooding them daily depending on meter reading. Will shoot for 20% during bulking phase. Then go back to drought to ripen them out. Prior to this run I was just watering aimlessly. 4-5-6 times a day. I'm really trying to dial this one in with the crazy genetics I have in here. 9 different breeder cuts, 2 keepers I've hunted and 2 bag seeds from a previous run that look really good so far.

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