EbbnFlowr's Beleaf Grow - Chimera #3 and Truffle Treats #9

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You do amazing work like someone else said if you ever need workers and you get a dispensary anything going even just a farm to produce legal cannabis which is what im sure your thinking along those lines . I be willing to relocate and work for someone at your level . I literally am either in the tent looking for strains looking up info searching grows smoking weed or just thinking about what I can do with my setup being my situation how I can enhance my grows after (this next auto run im doing of cartys I'm running red velvet xgmo garlic cookies can't wait. ) but all in all hands down stellar topshelf smoke I want to invest learn and work with you if ever possible joes grows learning and exploring the cultivation of marijuana beginner to the never ending lourning journey of master .
Awe man I'm humbled to read this!

I will def keep you in mind! We will see what happens in January at Virginia general assembly! Maryland didn't work out. But yeah man I'm with you! I'm constantly thinking about this stuff to the detriment of my actual company haha!

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