electronic digital ballast makes wifi interferince?

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Apr 24, 2007
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it may be something completely different but my wifi network is not working right. my laptop and other wifi devices are able to see my wifi network and my laptop and tablet can connect to it but when it comes to surfing the web i only get at most 5 min untill the browser says the server is no longer sending data to the device.
iv got 8 1000watt digital lumateck ballasts about 20 ft from the modem and wifi router and i can be sitting about 5 feet away from the router and internet surfing is really unstable.
anyone else have problems like this?
there have been alot of ppl having problems with interference from the digital ballast.
I am no expert on the subject but I have read that the digital ballasts use high frequency in their powering the bulbs. Yu may be able to fashion a cover out of aluminum foil (a few layers thick) to completely cover the ballasts like a tent and connect them to a ground wire that connects to a good ground in the house. this should catch the signals being given off by the ballasts and run it to ground like a "bandpass filter". I have not tried this as I don't have anything close enough to mine to cause a problem, but suspect it should work. I would try the tent cover and if itr works some but not completely then try wrapping the whole thing (very loosely). If that doesn't solve it, yu may have to either move the ballasts or the wifi far enough away from each other that yu are between them. Also if yer room isn't insulated with reflective "mylar" yu may be picking up interferance from the bulbs as well as the ballasts. I would try the ballasts first though. Good luck
I had some interference with an older television that I had, but I have had no other trouble with my ballasts. Have you unplugged the lights to make sure that they are the problem? I have heard of interference with cable tv, but never with wifi.
I had the same problem after I got my first digital ballast, plus the fact that you cannot get AM radio in my house. It also messes with my ph, ppm and temperature gages. I did get my internet working by going into my internet connections and I deleted all the other wifi connections that were in there except for the one that I am using and it fixed mine. I have since bought 2 more digital ballasts (galaxy switchable) and they do not mess with my gages or my internet and I have not tried the AM radio yet. Hope this helps.
THG is on the right track, you need to isolate where the problem is.
Turn off everything electrical in your house except the things that connect wirelessly. Test to see if you hold a connection.
Add things back in, like TV, washing machine and anything with a large electrical motor in them, I have seen many things cause interferance with radio waves.
Finally, if everything is still working ok, turn on your ballasts2 or 3 at a time to see when the problem comes back, it could be just one random dodgy ballast, it may be them all but it could be something different entirely such as the covert op the police are running next door and their radio's are causing the interferance! LOL

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