Expat Farmer in The Mountains of Northern Thailand

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Dec 7, 2023
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Hello, my name is Resto. I Live in Thailand. My Wife is Thai. I'm 65 and I sold everything and moved here 5 months ago. I have a 1 year O Retirement Visa. I will probably not leave here. There is Nothing for me in the USA. I had a Very Successful Career in an Alphabet Govt Agency(Not Law Enforcement) as an Engineer. My Wife and I have a Farm in Nan Province. We are going to Register our Farm and get a Grow Permit to Distribute. Thank You for Allowing me to Join this Forum. Im looking forward to learning from You All. I have only been involved with Getting High for about 3 weeks. I had a Painful Medical condition and here in Thailand they Rarely give Morphine. I was at a Private Hospital in Chiang mai(Out Patient) for 3 days. The first day I was in Pain and there was a Weed Dispensary 20 feet from my Hotel with a nice area for People Watching and it was Loi Krathong, so lots of Fireworks. Well I got rid of the pain in 10 minutes with one hit of Bruce Banner on a Pre roll. I saw The Light.
Welcome aboard the Passion my friend. Look around and have some fun.

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