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24/7 stoner

im kinda new to this growing thing, and was wondering whats the fastest you can grow and flower some plants and get a good yeild
Auto's, or clones if you've already got a female. Week to root clones, veg to about 8 inches and flip. That would add about a month to 5 weeks to your growing cycle for that strain.

ETA: forgot to add, if you're looking for yield, clones is the way to go IMO.
My suggestion is don't get in a big hurry, read ALOT of the info in here and learn what you're doing before doing. IMHO, getting it all wrong the first time puts you back a few months.....and could leave you very discouraged.

Figure out at least a basic plan to get started: lights, ventilation, room size, soil, nutes etc.

That said, autos are quick, but not a big yield, clones are a bit slower, but quicker than seed as long as you can find someone you trust to get your clones from.
Good info roddy. I set myself back a few months by not getting good equipment the first time.
Rather than be concerned with speed and yield, you would be far better off learning the basics of growing. There are really no shortcuts. Autos will give you a faster crop, but they do not do well outside--low yield and not nearly the potency of most of the photoperiod strains. Clones taken from a mother that is sexually mature will also be mature and can be flowered at any time. However, you either need to live somewhere that you can purchase clones or know someone that you can get them from. Getting them from an aquaintance, however, violates the first rule of growing--tell NO ONE! Seeds need to be sexually mature before they will flower. This takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks and then another 8-12 weeks to flower.
The only thing you can do really fast, is damage/kill your plants, by trying to speed up the process.

Like THG said, there really are no shortcuts.

Patience is hard to master, but it is a must for good growing.


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