Favorite CBD Brands

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There is a business called Fern Valley Farms https://fernvalleyfarms.com That I have bought 2 grams of "Wife" CBD flower before. It came with a lot of documentation of amounts of CBD and anything else.... fully lab tested. They have several products, not just flower, but CBD Keef, and other stuff as well. Just though you might be interested, Comes by way of USPS. I see that USPS has now changed their rules to allow CBD and hemp to be shipped through the mail. Going to be interesting as the flower I received looks exactly like the flower from Marijuana with THC.
That sounds similar to how I make RSO. But I make a lot bigger batches and use a distiller to reclaim as much Everclear as I can. Then, the final evaporation is done on a coffee warmer.

I was thinking about trying some full plant extractions when the plnts are done. I'll have to red up more on that.

Thanks for sharing this info.

Hemp Goddess what kind of distiller do you use?
Aksarben, too bad you can't get it tested. LOL--it's not like it is a free service. They charge a nice chunk of change to test. I would really be curious to see if it really was 30:1. A lot of these supposed high CBDs don't actually test out that way.

Finally got the Pink Kush CBD 30:1 tested at "The Spott" A friend from work has a medical card and she took it over to the lab for me, along with $60.00. Tested 0.2% THC and 5.9% CBD so about as close to a 1:30 ratio as you might get. I wish the CBD was a bit higher, but it appears true to the ratio bit. Got the full lab.
Back to the original question......
I've tried several hemp cbd oils that were no good at all.
Today though..........I received a sample bottle of hemp CBD oil from Nordic Oil and it Workes!
Granted I do have to use a large dose but 150mg. has my pinched nerve and pulled muscle nicely settled. Still there but manageable.
My grow is close so I probably won't buy more but if I do, it will be from NordicOil.com
It is essential to have a medical marijuana card and continue from thereon. The general benefits of holding a medical marijuana card is that you can lower tax bills on cannabis products and acquire high potency limits. It can even lead to consent for growing your own cannabis.

Wider access to more medical marijuana dispensaries is a plus. CBD products that come from either hemp or cannabis-derived will come in different strengths. In times of pandemic, inhalation or vaporization does not work for me.
I do go with paste form or perhaps chewing gum.
The conventional way of smoking CBD is also now in the form of e-liquids or even waxes.
I haven't tried the lotion form yet or even balm one.
I have super sensitive skin with traces of eczema.
I rely on buying only from a reliable dispensary or credible online retailer.
Never believe in ordinary sellers that are not linked to any medical name.
Its been 3 years from the days i started growing marijuana, Buying a quality marijuana seeds really matters, The most i prefer is pacific seed bank, The reason why i choose this is, It delivers quality seeds and it is very recommendable for newbies, Recently i purchased auto-flowering seeds and saved some bucks from pacific seed bank....right here.
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As i don't have any favourite brands. Because, in the cbd market many trending products are coming and they are working well on human and pet health issues.
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I'll say it... Hahaha - " Stoners. "

Don't take it personally. That is the general response I get when I reply to threads that are sometimes several years old and I've done it a bunch!!

Just Joking with ya a little - Welcome to the passion if I didn't say it before!!!! - Both of you 2.

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