Federal agents raid Oakland County medical marijuana dispensaries

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Jun 21, 2007
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Federal agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency have raided two medical marijuana dispensaries in Oakland County Tuesday morning.

The facilities are a chain organization, Caregivers of America, one at 1020 Decker Road in Walled Lake, and another at 45700 W. 12 Mile in Novi.

Authorities raided the buildings at about 7 a.m.

Journal Register News Service reports that two Oakland County Sheriff's vehicles are parked outside of Caregivers of America on Decker Road. Reporters were sent to the Novi location.

Andy Eiseman, the group supervisor for the DEA, would not comment on whether arrest warrants had been made, noting that it is an ongoing investigation.

Bystanders at the Walled Lake location watched the raid.

"We just saw somebody banging on the building trying to get in," said Tom West of Fastdecks, a concrete company located across the street from the Walled Lake dispensary. West said the people were dressed in black garb with swat-type vests. He added that he saw the people at 7:25 a.m.

"When I came in," he said "(Police officials) were standing-shoulder-to-shoulder across the entire front of the building," said Joe, an employee of a nearby business, who asked that his last name not be used.

Joe said the police officials did not have any weapons drawn, and were wearing plain clothes with bullet-proof vests.

"They've been open less than a month," said Shane, another employee of a nearby business who asked that his name not be used. Shane added, "I don't see what the problem is; let them make a little money before they bust them."

The employees reported that there were about 30 vehicles.

About a month ago, a Journal Register News service reporter was asked to leave the dispensary after a scheduled interview. The operation resembled a candy-store, with a counter full of edible candies, and walls lined with marijuana merchandise, including bongs and other paraphernalia.

In Novi, Journal Register News Service reporters noted one Novi police car and DEA agents walking the premises with revolvers.

The DEA would not comment on whether more raids were occurring, and will only confirm raids if an address is known.

The dispensary's contact information is 877-909-2462 at hxxp://www.m3key.com

Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office said it is entirely a federal operation.


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