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Feb 22, 2006
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OK, so i just got back from buying some root hormone and fert from wal-mart. I wasn't exactly sure what to buy so i just got a couple things. I couldn't find anything that said "root compound" or "root hormone" so i bought some transplanting solution that promotes new roots. I also got some Expert gardener brand all purpose plant food. The NPK of this is 24-8-16,I also bought another thing of all purpose food made by miracle grow, the NPK of this one is 15-30-15. Which would be better for veg state? Also, Mutt if your out there, i made the humidity box you told me to. Should i put water in the bottom of the tray or some transplanting solution mixed with water?
Oh damn i didnt realize i was signed in under my roommates name, this is Bouq to clear any confusion.Sorry about that
I hope me and my roomate aren't bothering u guys with all these questions, we are just starting out, and i dont want to be "good" at growing plants i want to be "GREAT".
transplanting solution
.."Olivias"?? I've been useing olivias cloning solution for a couple of months, per directions, with satisfactory results.
24-8-16 is your vegging nute(ni-N), it being a chemical fertilzer, I would recommend starting at no more than half the directed dosage. Adding more is easy, getting it back out after adding too much, isn't.
Hick said:
Adding more is easy, getting it back out after adding too much, isn't.
Wiser words have never been said! After all these years, Hick, I think over ferting is the most common problem. You might want to make a sticky outta that phrase! Great Advice!!!!!!!!

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