First ever MJ grow on the balcony

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May 26, 2022
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Planet Earth

I am completely newbie in the business and already "high" to start my very first grow.
(Happy to be on this forum also 😌).

Recently i've read a number of articles on how to grow outdoor, indoor and also specifically on the balcony / terrace.

It seems that balcony would be an easier way for me to start with.
(Though i'm still not completely sure).

Some questions / clarifications i do have and would appreciate anybody's feedback.

I will first describe my conditions.


I have all "auto" seeds:
- Sweet mix auto (just pack of 10 random-fortune seeds)
- Auto Bubble Gum XXL
- Auto Northen Lights XXL
- Critical Kush Auto
- Dos Si Dos Auto
- Fast Buds


We leave in the southern country.
The summer season starts here in the beginning of May with temp raising during the days up to 30-35 C.
Jun, Jul and Aug are damn hot (35-45 C) and humid (around 85-95 %); even at nights it's humid from time to time.
Then September cools down just a little (similar to May).
And from Oct to Apr the weather becomes comfy to live, breathe etc.

There are really scarce rains in here.
Can easily be completely dry with not a single drop from Apr to Jan. And the rest of months, from year to year might get rainy, but not much.

Also, it can be quite windy from time to time, with lots of dust floating in the air.


My balcony resides south-east (guess I'm lucky with that).
The sunrise is around 5.30 am and it goes down at about 7pm.
The direct sunlight points the balcony from around 6.30 am till 1.30 pm.

Then the sun escapes to the other side of the building but my balcony still has lots of indirect sunlight (so there aren't any obstacles which would shade it).

I live on the height floor.
The gales of wind can be quite some strong here.

Sometimes birds stop over my balcony and fly away getting bored of it.


So after I've read many pages on the matter, I kind of decided to start "simple" in the balcony for the following reasons:
- easy setup (at least I think so)
- plenty of natural sun & ventilation
- not seen by neighbors

However, i do have the following concerns.

What to do with the very strong sunlight ?

I guess it can potentially burn the plants.
And should I bring the plants inside rooms during flowering stage ?
Is there going to be some sort of enriched watering mode ?

How to deal with occasional wind blows ?

Is the high humidity an issue ?

How to protect from insects ?

I've read one can plant companion plants close to my MJs.
But I'm not ready to care for other ones excepts for the precious ladies so far.
So I'm looking for easier options here, but of course completely natural.

Which soil to use for this particular setup ?

Can birds eat my crops ?

Thanks in advance & appreciate who'll help to clear some of those questions.
Your worrying way to much my friend.
They can take all the sunshine you can give them. The wind shouldn't be à problem unless the pot blows over. They love the rain while they are in veg. Insects can be a problem but up on your balcony should be less insects. Birds normally don't mess with seedlings.
Autos are great for Balcony's.
You will get lots of suggestions on soil. I us MG mixed with about 30% Perlite.
Hello sepo and welcome aboard

what is your general location? America or Europe?

1. Strong sunlight?…….no problems , cannabis can take the heat , leave the plants outside , and yes , when it gets hotter the plants may need more water

2. Wind blows…….no worries , use some bamboo stakes to hold them together

3. High humidity…no problems , especially if the wind is blowing and your plants are trimmed of excess fan leaves so the air can freely circulate in and around your plant

4. protection from insects……spray your plants every 2 weeks with Spinosad and that will keep most bugs away…get something like Pyganic and Azamax for some backup n case you get more bad bugs

5. what soil? you have a lot of choices and you need to do some homework by reading up on soils…but for an easy answer , like weedhopper suggested

6. can birds eat your crop?….yes , if 3 or 4 chickens land on your balcony , they will do some damage…but if the bird is an eagle , a crow , a pelican , a red headed woodpecker , or an owl , you will be ok

good luck!

Thank you guys :)

That will get me started with more confidence.

(I will keep updating this thread along my first grow journey)
Get a grow going and post pics as you go asking questions as problems may arise , we all learned by trial and error
Nobody is perfect from the start
Except Subgal
Stop flirting with Sub ya sick bastard. her husband will kick your ass. 😁 :vampire:
Stop flirting with Sub ya sick bastard. her husband will kick your ass. 😁 :vampire:
Where is Subbie today
Hey Sepo. Welcome to the passion. I’m excited to watch your balcony grow. Ask any questions you may have here. There is a lot of good Experienced growers here to help you out. What part of the world are you living?
Been busy with momma all day. She just went home and the grandkids are on their way so my THC breaks were limited today 😊hope everyone is having a sweet day. Finally stopped raining here. Maybe there will be a little me time later on.
Well Good thing you are back
Some people missed ya

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